The use of essential oils as a therapeutic method has a long and rich history. Ancient
cultures, such as Greeks, Egyptians, and the Chinese used them to treat certain
health issues and as the main ingredient of perfumes. Essential oils were known
as a mood altering substance, but were also used as a culinary, spiritual, and medicinal ingredient.
Hippocrates – the father of medicine, was a big proponent of using
non invasive methods to treat ailments. He was a lifelong student of botany and herbalism
and prescribed aromatics in various forms, from massage oils and infusions to teas and

Various essential oils can affect us in wildly different ways but in general they all tend to have anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-fungal and even powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Aromatherapy has been proven to have positive effects on a vast array of conditions,
diseases, and illnesses. One of the main benefits is the fact that essential oils are able to
alter your mood in a controlled and gentle way. Not only can it boost your mood and
help you lessen feelings of anxiety, it also has very clear benefits when it comes to
physical health. Aromatherapy massage, for example, has been proven to significantly
improve sleep and immune function, and lessen pain, without any adverse effects.
Essential oils can be an incredibly simple, affordable, and natural way to take care of your
health and wellbeing.

The aromatherapy market is getting larger and shows little sign of slowing down.
Alternative medicine has been a subject of more and more studies and medical
professionals are more inclined to recommend natural remedies, such as aromatherapy,
than they have in the past. As these studies are published people are becoming less skeptical
about the benefits of essential oils and more inclined to use them. The fact that the average
household has more disposable income than before makes essential oil products and
aromatherapy more and more affordable .
North America has the largest market share ($469 million in 2018), followed by Europe
and then Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is also the fastest growing market in the world for
aromatherapy products. The rest of the world represents a smaller part of the market, but
is slowly catching up with the main three regions. The market is stable and steadily
growing. The value of the global aromatherapy market is expected to double in the next
few years (from $1,152.8 million in 2017 to $2,343.0 million by 2025).

There is a plethora of different benefits of alternative and natural
remedies. Alternative remedies are not completely harmless and you
should always proceed with caution. Make sure you know the correct way to use them.
They tend to be more natural, less expensive, and most importantly usually less toxic 
than synthetic drugs. Moderation is still key but it would be very difficult to
overdose on an essential oil soothing pain relief massage. Opioids, NSAIDs and
other artificial painkillers on the other hand, can be toxic in even the smallest doses and 
highly addictive.