Hey there, nice to meet you! We’re the Harrogate Organics Company.

From our home in Harrogate, Britain's original spa town and the birthplace of wellbeing, Harrogate Organics Company is on a mission to demonstrate the healing powers of organic ingredients. Our aromatherapy, CBD, skincare and nutrition ranges are all crafted using the very best, sustainable ingredients to stimulate recovery, help people relax and ultimately, live their best life. 
Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life, including you. From the tough times to the times of relaxation, we want to be there when you need us most. We provide a blend of products that work together to help solve some of life’s problems such as sleep, stress, anxiety, fatigue and general wellbeing.

One day, we’ll be the world’s leading provider of well-being products. We’re here to help you live to your potential. We love what we do, and we hope you do too.

Harrogate had a reputation for being one of Europe’s most desirable spa resorts in the years before WWI. People came to take to the waters as they were rich in sulphur and iron and have visited ever since.

We aim to carry on the rich tradition the people of Harrogate know and love by providing products that contain sustainable ingredients, zero pesticides, nothing genetically modified and are all cruelty free. Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life and by basing ourselves in a wonderful spa town, we aim to give you just that.
We all need relaxation and we all need to look after our health and well-being. As times get tough we want to be there for those who need us most by providing the highest quality products that include organic and environmentally friendly ingredients. COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone, we want to help in any way we can and by providing our products, we believe we can make a real difference. Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life - we want to make this easily accessible to all who want it.

Our ranges;

Re-lax range - Aromatherapy

Our re-lax range includes our signature candle collection, our room-mist collection and our diffuser pods. The therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants aims to improve your quality of life whilst offering stunning smells and providing a real sense of relaxation.

Re-cover range - CBD oils

From oils to remedy cream and infused vegan protein, our highest quality CBD range aims to enhance your personal wellbeing. CBD is a natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to promote optimal health. Any person looking to find more natural ways of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle should consider CBD products. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant through a meticulous process of isolation and refinery.

Re-juvenate range -Skincare

Using only quality ingredients, our skincare products can provide benefits that will help rejuvenate, revive and moisturise to name just a few.

From hand and body washes to hydrating facial serums, our skincare and luxury CBD skincare ranges are rich in natural oils and don’t contain any nasty ingredients that could harm your skin.

Re-fuel range - Nutrition

Our extensive nutrition range includes supplements that can provide you with extra nutrients if your diet is lacking or certain health conditions trigger a deficiency. From immune support supplements to hemp protein powder, our range is powered by high quality ingredients to assist you in your daily life and with your day to day nutrition goals.

We’re really looking forward to helping you live your best life, and we hope to see you around soon!

Harrogate Organics Company