Those trying to live a sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical life often talk about the importance of going organic whenever possible. But most of the focus is on food. What is less often discussed is the importance of organic living when it comes to other products we use in our homes.
Organic products, such as organic aromatherapy candles and skincare creams can help us stay healthy, calm and centred no matter what the future brings.
Candles, essential oils and other such products can bring a true sense of calm and comfort to your home. Nutrition and beauty products help you stay healthy inside and out. But unlike many products on the market, organic and eco-friendly products won't come at such a high cost to the planet.

Choosing Candles for Organic Living
You might think of all candles as an eco-friendly choice. After all, lighting those candles might mean switching off electric lights. If you're not on renewables, that could mean reducing the fossil fuels you burn.
Unfortunately, not all candles are quite as eco-friendly as you may imagine. Many are actually made using paraffin – which is itself derived from fossil fuels. Using paraffin is not great for the planet – or for you. So what are the alternatives?
In the olden days, tallow candles were common. But for the increasing number of people who are vegan, or exploring veganism to fight our climate crisis, this animal product just isn't an option.
Some vegans may not wish to use beeswax either. Of course, this is an animal-derived product. But it is one with much better credentials. It can be harvested sustainably and ethically when natural beekeeping methods are used. Often, this is mixed with soy-based wax.
Soy/beeswax candles or soy candles can be a truly sustainable, natural choice. But still, it is important to know where the soy came from. Soy crops are responsible for deforestation in the Amazon and other regions. That is why it is so important to buy your candles from a trusted, sustainable and ethical company.
When we produce candles at Harrogate Organics Company, we only use Soy/Beeswax blends, or pure Soy for our candle mixes. We also place an importance on obtaining our wax products from both sustainable sources that do not impact crop growth and the environment, as well as obtaining produce from small to mid-size businesses where possible to support small business growth.

Essential Oils for Organic Living
Essential oils have a wide range of uses when you are trying to live more sustainably and ethically. They can not only be used in aromatherapy and healing, but also in natural homemade cleaning and beauty products. Making use of essential oils and making your own such products can help you reduce plastic waste (fewer bottles and packaging) and live in a healthier and more natural way.
But it is important to know where your essential oils came from. For planet and people, it is important to avoid synthetic oils and choose only pure, natural and ideally organic products. All of our oils are 100% naturally produced, giving one of the most prolific sensory experiences in the market.

Hemp – Miraculous Crop For Organic Living
CBD products are fascinating. Not only do they have a range of health benefits, they also have great eco-credentials. When you can trace such products from field to finished product, you can see the benefits cannabis sativa can have – not only for the CBD but also for fibre production. It is a low-water use crop that can easily be grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides which makes it a great choice for organic living. At Harrogate Organics Company, we control our own supply from field to finished product, limiting third party in-consistencies and providing the purest product on the market today.

Taking Care of Your Body and Mind the Organic Way
It's not only what we eat that affects our health. Toxics present in non-organic food can also be present in other products we ingest or put on our skin. Choosing only natural, organic nutrients and beauty products is the best way to take care of your health, and the health of our planet. Natural beauty products are so pure, they're almost good enough to eat.

So, next time you think about organic living – don't just focus on food. Think about how your eco-standards can be applied to your decisions about other things you use on your body and in your home.