Secrets to combat anxiety & stress coming out of lockdown

Any major change in our lives can be disturbing and unsettling. After all we have been through over the past few months, big change in particular is more of a challenge, especially since this change seems to be here to stay for some time. Some of us are contemplating a return to business as usual, while others are heading out on a whole new adventure. As we ease out of lockdown – stress and anxiety are extremely common, and understandable. So, what can we do to help combat that anxiety and stress? Read on to find solutions and suggestions for what will most likely be one of the biggest transitions of your life.

Combatting Anxiety and Stress by Boosting Emotional Resilience

Wellbeing solutions from our range can help you cope – boosting your resilience in the face of whatever your transition back to normal life will bring. Personal resilience (the ability to cope with challenges and bounce back from setbacks) is key to combatting whatever anxiety and stress you feel.

Our pure certified 100% organic broad spectrum CBD Oil, for example, can naturally balance mood and help you to cope with whatever the future may bring. Along with a good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep, it can help you find a sense of equilibrium in your life. The way in which it acts on our systems may improve our emotional health, and also improve the way in which we respond to outside influences and stress. Candles and aromatherapy products in our range can also help you relax.

Our coping mechanisms are something we can hone over time. First, consider your physical health. Eat good, local, organic food and get plenty of sleep and exercise. This can create a good foundation. Furthermore, we can change our thought patterns – for example, by focussing on the things we can control, and making sure we don't fixate on the negative. But certain wellness ideas and products can also help us to improve our ability to cope over time. 

Take control of the very best immunity booster in the world – Sleep.

Let’s face it, lack of sleep is incredibly debilitating and can destroy lives. Most rational people, become irrational and level-headed people become unstable if they can’t sleep properly.

You may or may not know that in most cases, lack of sleep is mostly in our heads. There are preparations you can make and things you can do to get the body in the mood to sleep, but unless your brain is shifting down the gears, very little else will help.

Lack of sleep degrades you – and quickly. It ages you prematurely, it’s a brain cell killer, and steals good feeling. But there ARE things you can do to help yourself:

· If you’re not tired – get up. Do something to take your mind off not sleeping. Read a book for 40 mins. Relax, try to let the idea of sleep take over.
· Be prepared – You need to get your body in the mood for sleep. This means exercise at some point through the day, fresh air, movement. Avoid caffeine before bedtime, no blue light from phones or screens and avoid eating or large meals close to bedtime. Your metabolism doesn’t need another reason to crank up again just as you get into bed.
· Create a restful and sleep enticing environment – Get the temperature right in the room, calming pillow mists are fantastic to keep the pillow scented until sleep comes.
· Write it down. Most of the problem getting to sleep is trying to slow the brain. So, write any thoughts down. It will help stop you fixating on them while you drift off to sleep.

·Look after your body – you know what they say, it’s the only one you’ve got. While often we think about what we eat, we don’t often think about what’s in what we eat. Nutritional support is extremely important, and there are plenty of natural products out there that can help. For example 5HTP is fantastic because it helps produce serotonin which the body then converts to melatonin, a useful tool your body uses to help you sleep. 

Find Other Ways to Improve Personal Resilience

Resilience in the face of changes and challenges also involves building knowledge and skills for your transition. Whether you are returning to an old position, or setting out in an entirely new direction, learning and skill building is vital to your ability to deal with whatever the future may bring. There are some solid track proven concepts for building personal resilience such as:

· Stay on top of difficult feelings – easier said than done, but try to fixate on what is right, not wrong and what is good, not bad. Staying strong mentally is critical to developing personal resilience.
· Don’t watch too much news – it’s not motivating and not healthy. The media are in the fear business not strength or self-belief.
· Keep your mind active – test it, push it and keep it sharp. Faded brains stem faded and muzzled thoughts.
· Focus – remember, where focus goes, energy flows. Focus on goals not problems, focus on positivity and you will find yourself feeling much calmer and clear minded. 
· Don’t look back. Learn the lessons and move on, don’t live them every day.

Take Back Control for a Green Recovery

At Harrogate Organics Company, we are crazy passionate about doing what's right for people and the planet. As a sustainable business, we seek to aid in a fair and ethical transition. To combat stress and anxiety, we feel that the best path forwards is to forge a green recovery as we make our way out of lockdown. We must remember that though this health crisis may be past the worst – our climate crisis is still a clear and present threat.

Stress and anxiety can be lessened by taking back control. The more in control we feel, the calmer and more settled we can be. And these positive effects can be compounded when we feel that we are doing the right thing for people and planet. Making better, greener choices (such as choosing all natural, organic products) is one great step in the right direction.