Melissa Makan  

Melissa Makan, The Founder of The Yoga Nidra Academy and Nidra Living Magazine has been practising Yoga Nidra for many years.

Melissa combines her skills as a Yoga Nidra Artist, a Voiceover Artist and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, to teacher train others in Yoga Nidra and Script Writing worldwide. 

I’ve been practising Yoga Nidra for many years, daily and likely for the same reason you are here now – I really wanted to give this amazing gift back to others. purely from the huge difference it made to me.

I had never known myself to be as calm, centred and deeply connected to my total awareness, ever. After training, I began delivering yoga nidra classes a few years ago, those that came were stressed nurses, police, cancer survivors, parents, parents to be, social workers, emergency staff as well as corporate workers and anyone that struggled with anxiety.

Many felt the benefits and brought their sons, daughters, family and friends.
Whilst I hoped I was helping, I didn’t quite realise the personal difference it was really making to their lives, and what in my delivery was making the actual difference. 

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