Sarah is a Mama, Women's Wellness Facilitator, and Podcaster. Her fun and adaptable programs educate and inspire you so that you can ditch the confusion and stigmas around your menstrual cycle and finally start to become friends with your body.
This helps you to finally understand your body and menstrual cycle, and your unique energy rhythms. Don’t worry, there is lots of laughter, too! I have been working with women for the past 8 years and in education for over 15 years. I first became aware of the subtleties in which you can align your life with your cycle when searching for a better way after having her daughter and not getting on with birth control.
I then discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness and my life changed for the better. Not only that, but I rediscovered myself and a way of living in tune with my body that I had never experienced before. My awakening to this way of life made me realise that so many women were missing this crucial element in theirs and, with that, I set off to change that, one period talk at a time!