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A Luxe Soap bar before you go?

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5 Step Programme to a Happy You Year

Life is not always a walk in the park, is it? And if we are honest, we all have days where we’re not feeling as happy as a clam, because even clams have off days!

So, to start your shiny new year in the best possible way, we’ve perfected a programme which works towards a happier new you, giving you the tools, you need to take charge of your own story.

And whilst our approach is not medically proven, it is tried and tested not only by Dan and Andy our co-founders, but by the entire team at H.O. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Before you begin:-

  • Consider, why is it that you feel like you should invite more happiness into your disposition?

Write down 3 reasons. One might be, because I think my mood sometimes affects others, or because I recognise, I have more low mood days than high.

  • It is important that you start your programme on a day of your choice when you are ready to commit to this new, happier way of being. We will be suggesting 1st January 2024, because of obvious reasons!

Ready now? We can start!

Day 1 (Step 1):

What are your triggers?

Each and every one of us has extrinsic factors which upset or affect our status quo. These might be the weather, a particular topic such as money, a certain behaviour,  or even an individual you struggle to find commonality with. Whatever your triggers are, take a moment to write these down. If you’re struggling to whittle these down, opt for the most common themes.

By recognising what has an impact on your happy levels, you are equipping yourself with an awareness of these triggers, which puts you back in the driving seat.

That’s enough for today, until tomorrow…

Day 2 (Step 2):

Let’s think happy thoughts!

Now that we have jotted down what bothers us, let's write down the things that make us happy. You might want to write down things like ‘my family’ or ‘a sunny day’ or perhaps even ‘the weekend’. Whatever it is that makes you smile, let’s get those on paper – and as many of them as you can think of.

By creating this list of happiness inducers, we are able to feel an important emotion – gratitude, which is to be thankful for the good things in your life.

Put this list somewhere accessible for you to read it, every single day, preferably in the morning. You might want to stick it on your fridge, set it as your phone background or even just stick it to your mirror! Happiness starts with gratitude in our opinion, and it’s only by realising what you DO have that you encourage serotonin levels a plenty!

That’s enough for today, go seize it!

Day 3 (Step 3):

Ask what would they do?

Consider an individual you look up to in your life. They might be a friend, a colleague or even a celebrity you admire. Now think about what it is about them, you rate and consider, next time you are facing one of tour triggers, imagine what they would do about that situation.

By introducing perspective into the scenario and taking a step back you give yourself a chance to consider the next action you want to make, after all that is your choice. Choice, what a wonderfully powerful thing! Stop, think about your individual, and act accordingly.

Day 4 (Step 4):

Have you got your cloak?

Are you walking into a negative energy space, or a situation which you hadn’t expected or planned for? Perhaps you have quite literally walked into a room and there is an argument in progress. Can you imagine if you had a cloak which you could wrap yourself in – your favourite colour, your favourite material – now place that over yourself and protect yourself from the uninvited external factors which were about to knock off your happy level – how very dare they? OK, this is a good tool to use when you are feeling vulnerable, uneasy, anxious, or just not OK – it encourages you to consider yourself in that situation before anything else. You may decide that you only need your cloak around your shoulders as it were, not in its entirety. You decide, but just know that you can preserve your own happiness with your very own cloak to stop anything disrupting it.

Day 5 (Step 5):

It’s your choice!

How incredible is that? And how simple is that?

When you get out of bed in the morning, it is you who makes the choice to be happy or sad. By taking responsibility and taking charge of your own state and destiny for that day you are empowered and not just that, your happiness will be infectious as you radiate good vibes to those around you. The old phrase, smile and your brain thinks you’re happy isn’t so far from the truth and is a great way to generate some more of that gorgeous chemical we all love, serotonin.

We hope that our 5 small steps make for a happier you, just imagine the difference you can make by just embracing happiness more in your daily life?

Good Luck! We’ll be sending you happy vibes aplenty!





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