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Time to change

Ethically sourced. Nothing to waste.

We believe in less waste. We are committed to producing high-quality, beautiful products without all the unnecessary extra waste. If it doesn't need a box, we don't make one. 

We are building for the future. We are creating something special, and want to do what is right for the planet and it's people. Furthermore, we promise to be as eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical as we can. 
Based in Harrogate, the home of well-being, we offer natural products that work for you, and your home. 


Sustainable thinking. Sustainably made. 
Yes, we know, you've heard it all before. Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword and 'greenwashing' is rife. However, like us, we know you care about the environment, so we do our best to make sure that your purchases are ethically made and considerate of its impact. We're proud of how much thought goes behind every product, whether its ensuring our shopping bags are un-laminated for easy recycling, to zero-carbon sugar-cane based plastics for our bottles.   

Sustainability does not end at the point of sale. All of our packaging is either made with recycled product, is itself 100% recyclable, or made using non-harmful products and soy-based inks (print). We avoid all non-recyclable and single use plastic and will continue to do our best to help our customers transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.


Socially conscious. Full participation.
Let's face it, we human beings have a lot to answer for. But people can also be an amazing force for good in this world. We think it's really simple; make better choices. We make choices each day that may be small one-by-one, but like grains of sand, they all add up. 

We stand for sustainable producers, championing eco-friendly small and medium-sized businesses in helping them to grow alongside us. We relish playing our part in society and doing our 'bit'.


Eco friendly. 
Even the most sustainable business struggle to completely avoid some carbon emissions. So, as a business, we make sure that we are offsetting those inevitable emissions. We carbon offset through a reputable scheme. Carbon offsetting alone is not the answer. But it helps. As we hope to transition to a net zero carbon future, it can help us maintain sustainability standards in the mean time.