Heal the world, make it a better place...

Ethically sourced.
We are building for the future.  We are creating something that can survive long term. We want to do what is right for the planet and people. We promise to be as eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical as we can. 
Based in Harrogate, the home of well-being, we offer natural products that work for you, your pets and your home. From hemp derived products and aromatherapy candles to room mists, diffusers and essential oils. We are continually expanding our ranges to offer offer more ethically sourced products. Watch this space for more announcements soon!

Sustainably made.
Yeah yeah we know. You've heard it all before. Sustainability is a bit of a buzz word and 'greenwashing' is rife. However, we do our best to make sure our products really are ethically produced and the impact we make is considered at every stage of production. 
We always make sure that we know exactly where our products and the materials and ingredients used in them come from. All ingredients are organic where possible and sourced from sustainable crops that do not place an additional strain on our planet. We are constantly looking for the best production methods, greenest and healthiest options for all products we offer. As an example, all our candles are non-paraffin and contain no harmful chemicals or carcinogens. They are made with pure essential oils and all either contain either soy or soy/beeswax blends.

Socially conscious.
Let's face it, us human beings have a lot to answer for. But people can also be an amazing force for good in this world. Choosing sustainable ingredients and products is just one thing we do for people. We aim to support sustainable producers, championing eco-friendly small and medium sized businesses in helping them to grow alongside us.
Because of the known benefits of products such as hemp extract oil or aromatherapy for example, we are also getting involved with local and national cancer charities where we can and will be producing Candles for Cancer, with all profits going to charitable causes. This is not a gimmick as two of the three founders of Harrogate Organics Company, have lost family to Cancer and have family members that suffer with it still.
It’s a subject that is very close to our heart.

Handcrafted Product.
Sustainability does not end at the point of sale. We are passionate about reducing waste, so think about this when it comes to what we sell. We also take care over our packaging. All of our packaging is either made with recycled product, is itself 100% recyclable, or made using non-harmful products. We avoid all non-recyclable and single use plastic and will continue to do our best to help our customers transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Eco friendly. 
Even the most sustainable business struggle to completely avoid some carbon emissions. So, as a business, we make sure that we are offsetting those inevitable emissions. We carbon offset through a reputable scheme. Carbon offsetting alone is not the answer. But it helps. As we hope to transition to a net zero carbon future, it can help us maintain sustainability standards in the mean time.

We hope you follow us on our journey!