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A Luxe Soap bar before you go?

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We do the world of good

We are building for the future.  We are creating something special for the long term. We want to do what is right for the planet and people. Based in Harrogate, the home of well-being, our products work together to solve some of life’s problems such as sleep, anxiety and stress, so that your days are happier and healthier.

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Our new Magnesium Spray
for sensitive skin

Carefully formulated with powerful and natural ingredients, our Sensitive Skin Magnesium Spray has been specifically designed for people who have sensitivities to topical applications. Made with a winning combination of Authentic Manuka Honey (New Zealand), Chamomile and Arnica, this application of magnesium is gentle, soothing and avoids any unnecessary ingredients which might cause any discomfort to the skin.

Join Our Case Study

Do you struggle with Insomnia, or restless legs? Then join our case study. Working with The Brain Collective, we are looking for candidates to join a 6-month study, with the objective of understanding more about the effects of alternative treatment with the use of Topical Magnesium application.

Thinking outside the box

We care more about less.

We passionately believe in protecting the environment, and actively try to reduce the amount of packaging and unnecessary waste where possible. We are trying to make a positive difference, one box at a time. We are committed to producing high-quality, beautiful products without all the unnecessary packaging where we can. If it doesn't need a box, we don't make one. We think this is critical for the environment and reflect what our customers want.

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