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It's that time of year again when the weather starts to change and the air gets drier. For many women, this means their lips suffer.

Suddenly, what was once a smooth and soft pout becomes dry, cracked, and sore. Sound familiar? If so, our Lip Conditioning Balm is just what you need.

Why Lip Balm Is Important As The Weather Gets Colder. 

The colder months are tough on our lips. The combination of lower temperatures and dry indoor heat can strip away moisture, leaving you with cracked lips which make it impossible to apply your lipstick smoothly!

And when lips are dry, they are more susceptible to harm—which means you're more likely to get chapped lips in the winter.


Are There Lip Balms That Dry Your Lips? Here's The Truth.

Beware of lip balms with chemicals like phenol, menthol, and salicylic acid because they make your lips drier! As a result, you apply more, which creates a never-ending cycle.

A good lip balm creates a barrier between your lips and the elements, sealing in moisture and protecting your lips from the wind and the cold. And our lip conditioning balm does just that!

Made with all-natural ingredients, it's the perfect way to nourish your lips and keep them looking and feeling their best. Simply apply the balm to your lips as needed and voila! Softer, plumper and smoother lips!

lip conditioning balm

The Lip Conditioning Balm Nourishes Your Lips with Natural Ingredients.

This ultra-hydrating balm contains a variety of ingredients that are beneficial for your skin:

Cocoa butter: Made from the seeds of the cacao plant, cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that help to hydrate and protect the skin. It's also an emollient, which means it helps to soften and smooth your lips too!

Avocado Oil: This natural oil is packed with nutrients and fatty acids, which help to lock moisturise and protect your lips from environmental damage. In addition, the oil contains vitamin E, which helps to soothe and repair dry, chapped lips.

Natural Waxes: Waxes are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. So when applied to the lips, they create a barrier that seals in moisture! Natural waxes are also soft and cushioning, so they help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your lips a plump, hydrated look.

avocado oil

Keep Your Lips Happy With Natural Lip Balm. 

Don't let dry, chapped lips ruin your autumn. Order our Lip Conditioning Balm today and get your lips ready for anything the season throws your way! 

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