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Get ready for a little TLC with the help of an at-home reflexology massage with our Rescue Balm - Muscle and Derma Repair.

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears.

Used for those suffering from chronic and acute pain, triggering relaxation and reducing levels of stress and tension. This practice is also helpful in increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

While reflexology should not be used as a replacement for medical therapy, it can be a beneficial method for reducing pain levels and practising self-care.

Our Rescue Balm is one of our best-selling products, specially curated using only the best natural ingredients, scientifically backed to relieve aching muscles, pain and repairing skin’s natural barrier.

Infused with Arnica, Shea butter, and Evening Primrose oil, this balm directly targets muscle tension and aids skin's natural healing process.

Massage into your skin and reflexology points to enjoy the relaxing, buttery texture as it melts into your muscles, helping to provide long-lasting relief from tension and soft, supple skin. With Rescue Balm, a little goes a long way, but you can add more in small amounts, throughout your reflexology massage.

The fundamentals of foot reflexology massage
Foot reflexology is based on the idea that nerve endings in the feet are connected to other parts of the body. By using pressure to massage the nerves on a particular reflex point in the feet, you may be able to relieve symptoms, improve blood flow, and decrease pain in the related area of the body.
There are different pressure points on your feet, use the foot map we’ve created below to target specific issues by focusing on the specific areas.

How to use reflexology on your feet

In reflexology, the left foot stimulates the left side of the body while the right foot stimulates the right side of the body, so it’s important to work on both feet.

Start by sitting cross-legged in a comfortable chair or on the floor. We suggest gently massaging Rescue Balm into the whole foot to boost circulation and help you relax.

Reflexology traditionally uses a technique called “thumb walking” to stimulate the points. Start by applying moderate pressure to a point with your thumb, then make small circular motions and shuffle your thumb a step forward before repeating the circular motions - this helps to stimulate both the point itself and the surrounding zone.

Reflexology massage is still beneficial even if you find your own technique, most of us will likely find it easiest to apply pressure to specific points in the foot with our thumbs, and finding a pattern of motion that feels best - just find the action that works for you!



To relieve head and neck tension: apply pressure in your chosen motion to the base of your toes, massaging in circular motions for 20 seconds before moving across to the base of your next toe. (The pink area on our foot map)

To relieve stress and tightness in the chest: apply pressure to the ball of your foot. After about 20 seconds, slowly motion your thumb around the entire pad of the foot to relax the shoulders too. (The dark green area on our foot map)

To ease discomfort in the stomach area: use both thumbs to apply pressure and stimulate the middle arch of your foot for around 20-30 seconds.. (The mint green area on our foot map)

Relieving aching in your groin and pelvic area: gently apply pressure to the ball of your foot, using your thumb in circular motions, one small area at a time, for around 20 seconds per focus area. (The blue area on our foot map)To ease tight muscles across the body: use your thumb to apply pressure and massage along the edges of your feet, from toe to ball for around 20-30 seconds each side.To release tension in your sinuses: focus pressure on the pads of your toes and toenails, around 20-30 seconds per toe, to help with congestion.


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