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Beth johns

Beth Johnson a Leeds based Personal Trainer, Online Fitness Coach and Nutritionist - appears with Harrogate Organics Company - World of Good. 
I am a big advocate of a ‘balanced’ lifestyle, one without restriction or obsession. I believe in creating a lifestyle that balances all the complex areas of your life, definitely not one that’s under the thumb of your diet and training, or that evermore present 24/7 grind mentality. No carb-less diets, no endless cardio sessions, no ‘oh I’m sorry I can’t go out for dinner, I’m on a diet’ moments - you get the idea. Your nutrition and training should work around you, not the opposite. I am constantly educating myself, and growing as a professional, along with offering something a little different than others in this ever-competitive world of fitness. 
For me, training and nutrition are the foundations of self-care; I move my body because it feels good, and I nourish my body so it thrives. These two things are an investment, a little effort everyday, for a long term reward of being healthy and happy, not forgetting that they soon become habitual. find out more about me and what I do, through Harrogate Organics company - world of good.

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