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Elizabeth Lord

Elizabeth is a Yorkshire yogi living near Harrogate whose mission in life is simple, to help people find a sense of calm, happiness and have a good old belly laugh in this crazy and fantastic world we live in! 

As a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist she specialises in helping people deal with specific injuries and lifestyle issues through the use of beneficial Yoga therapy techniques and practices.

Using a yoga therapy approach she helps with a wide range of ailments ranging from mental health, sleep, joint ailments to asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. Having been drawn to yoga several years ago to help deal with high lifestyle stress and subsequently her deteriorating mental health, she found that yoga helped to soothe the mind and helped find a calm centre point to always come back to.

Elizabeth’s approach to yoga is all-inclusive, helping exercise mind, body and soul.

She ensures her clients understand that everyone’s body is different and at the same time educating that the aim of yoga is not to bend yourself into a pretzel! Let's try to not compare ourselves to others either, after all isn’t “Comparison the thief of joy” as Theodore Roosevelt once said.