I used to be a chronic mouth breather, I struggled to focus, I never slept particularly well, had horribly dry skin and often took a while to get going in the morning. I was pushing and trying to be everything I thought I should be without actually stopping to consider what my body, mind and soul might be telling me about my journey. I was consumed by a constant stream of repetitive thoughts and was could never fully engaged experiences as a result.

I would often struggle to recall details of recent events or even remember what I'd had for breakfast, my relationships with family and friends were surface level - the craziest part? I had no idea WHY any of this was happening. Then, being inspired by the oxygen advantage, started to breathe through my nose and dedicate time to a daily breathing practise. I experienced quiet, space, clarity...I was finally listening.

The term less is more became a key part of my journey. I learnt that life could be an effortless dance with the universe. There was no need to push or try, I just needed to be and the best part? I have all the time in the world. My sleep deepened, face brightened, energy soared, relationships deepened and focus heightened and a core confidence within me started to emerge. I live by the concept less is more and I will be forever grateful for the freedom and inner-power my breath has given me. I am proud to say I am now a fully qualified advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor and have made it my life's mission to empower others to use the power of their breath to harness their bodies and minds and elevate their lives for the better.

There is a breathing technique out there for every occasion from improving sleep quality to your ability to focus, your sports performance, immune function, posture emotional intelligence and your levels of resilience in times of stress.I really feel there is a breathing journey out there for everyone and I live and breathe by the principle: Awareness + action = transformation.

I am both a breathwork coach and personal trainer and offer both services either combined or separately. I offer 121 sessions, to work towards obtaining optimal, healthy breathing habits which inevitably is the first step to achieving optimal health, as well as group and corporate sessions both online and in person.

NOTE: My oxygen advantage training allows me to specifically address issues such as asthma, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia and chronic fatigue working in conjunction with your medical practitioner.

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