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Gwen Gibson

My name is Gwen Gibson, and I am a certified Nutritionist with a special interest in Gut Health. Here, together with Harrogate Organics Company, we talk about how a strong nutritional mindset can make a huge difference.

My journey into Nutrition is similar to a lot of health practitioners and came about due to my own health struggles.

In my 30’s my life changed forever and over the course of 10 years I suffered from multiple miscarriages, some were traumatic. I went from hope of a new life growing inside me to despair and grief so many times.

I was just told to just ‘try again’. I felt scared and that I had no control. I was told by my GP that I was perfectly healthy. These traumatic life experiences led to some physically and emotionally pains and the conventional answer was to take drugs.
Instead I decided to go back to college and study Nutrition.
My aim was to understand how the body works and why I was not able to conceive again. The knowledge that I gained helped me to get my health back. Feeling better was priceless.

One question still remains, why have I not been able to conceive again?
As I started to practice Nutrition I noticed that when I worked on the health of my client’s digestion and their gut a lot of their symptoms improved. We now understand that an imbalance in the gut can manifest as IBS, IBD but also brain fog, lack of energy, asthma, skin issues, aches and pains, sleep problems, auto-immune disorders and yes sometimes infertility. In these videos and commentary I prepared for Harrogate Organics Company I talk about Nutritional help in depth and provide helpful tips for all.