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i am sarah hunter

I am Sarah Hunter. I support high achievers to feel calm, in control and to create change. My coaching integrates deep subconscious healing modalities to help you uncover the root cause, create solutions and move forward in a really powerful and positive way.
I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Breathwork practitioner, Meditation teacher and Inherited trauma trained. I use both a scientific and holistic approach in all of my work to create real change for the clients I work with.
I usually work with clients who have tried other forms of therapy or coaching and are still searching for a solution. Rather than just looking at the symptoms, my integrative method of coaching allows us to get to the root cause, so that we can create real solutions and transformation.

I have had many experiences that have shaped my own journey, from a fractured spine and divorce to leaving a high pressured career and creating my integrative coaching. I love to support my clients to release old behaviours, create real change and to bring calm into their life.

Originally from Bristol, I am now based in Harrogate and work with my clients online. I love to travel and usually spend my weekends hiking.