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Feeling a little blah this winter? Banish dry, dull skin with the help of collagen. This important protein maintains your skin's firmness and elasticity while keeping it hydrated. Research has shown that women who take regular doses of collagen see improvements in their skin's moisture levels. Brighten up your day (and reduce signs of aging) by adding natural collagen to your daily routine for smooth and healthier looking complexion all year round. 

It's no secret that collagen is essential for optimum skin health. But, did you know we can maximize these benefits by considering the weather? A recent 2020 study revealed how incorporating collagen in your daily routine could affect water loss due to different climates. Women ages 40-60 saw dramatic improvements in hydration and moisture retention after taking a regular dose of this super supplement. To further enhance results, add hyaluronic acid into the mix - it helps keep skin moisturized even during dry spells or colder months thanks to its natural ability to trap water molecules within our cells. Now let’s get glowing!

 Eating foods rich in amino acids, such as beans, root vegetables and soy can easily boost collagen levels thanks to their hyaluronic acid content. Research has also found that skin products containing this same beneficial hyaluronic acid improved moisture levels in the skin while stimulating both collagen and elastin for increased elasticity. Want to get started? Why not try our Collagen with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid supplement - it contains 30mg of Hyaluronic Acid plus a whopping 450 mg of responsibly sourced T1 marine collagen!

“Taking this collagen supplement has been a great choice! Not only have I seen major improvements to my skin, but others are also noticing just how young and vibrant it looks. Plus the service from the company is superb - their products always arrive well-packaged so you know they take care with what they offer” – Sharon Permister, UK.

 Vitamin C is a key player in maintaining healthy skin, bones and teeth. As it's not naturally produced by the body, we need to get our daily intake from food sources like citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Vitamin C plays an important role in helping make collagen – which keeps our tissues strong, elastic & resilient - through its effect on enzymes involved with producing this essential protein compound. A study conducted at University of Otago backed up these findings when they reported that vitamin c also scavenges excess free radicals caused by things such as UV radiation that can damage cells leading to premature aging; making dietary vitamins all-the more vital for keeping your youthful glow. 

Our Collagen with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid supplement is a great way to get powerful doses of three important nutrients. You'll find 30mg of hydrating and rejuvenating Hyaluronic acid, 450 mg of responsibly sourced T1 marine collagen as well as 20mg of much needed vitamin C (50% of your recommended daily allowance) in our powerful daily supplement.

“After just one week, this product had incredible results for me… I noticed a difference in both my skin but also my hair! So much so that my sister saw even noticed and thought I’d had something done - I was looking more radiant, would not be without it now…” – Taylor Simmons, UK

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